gun show loophole

NRA, You Lie!

My original title for this post was "Let's De-Fund the NRA." Then I watered it down to something about the NRA being accountable. And then I ramped it up after seeing this update where the NRA actually dared to deny their own lobbyist's

NRA Head LaPierre: 'There Is No Gun Show Loophole'

This interview with Wayne LaPierre on this Sunday's Meet the Press ended up going pretty well the way I expected it would, which is with David Gregory hitting LaPierre with some difficult questions, but doing what he usually does and going easy on

Shoot First, Ask Questions Never

There is simply no understanding the prevalence of gun violence in America - as evidenced by the recent attempted assassination of a congresswoman during a mass shooting - without discussing the nefarious role played by the National Rifle