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Romney Was AWOL On Sequester Deal He Now Criticizes

History will record that Mitt Romney was a pimple on the ass of American politics: painful while here and forgotten once gone. Now the pustule has resurfaced to criticize President Obama on the sequester.

John McCain: Americans 'Don't Want Compromise'

Naturally we couldn't make it through another Sunday without our corporate media bringing on Sen. John McCain to prove he's living in Republican upside-down land. I don't have much to add to Steve Benen's take on this, and please go read the

Rand Paul Promises To Filibuster Everything Over Debt Ceiling

A group of tea party Senators plans to filibuster over raising the debt ceiling, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) announced in an interview that aired on C-SPAN Sunday. "I was part of a group this week that said, 'No more,'" Paul explained. "We're tired of