Dennis Miller's H&C Lame "Real Free Speech"

Dennis-Miller-HC.jpg Dennis Miller has found a new home. It's FOX News everybody---and he brings his brand off lame ass racist Mexican humor to your TV sets. He was so unfunny that Hannity & Colmes just signed off after he finished.

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I know comedians have a wide net to work with, but Miller's humor was about as bad as it gets. After seeing this you'll wonder how he ever got a job in show biz in the first place. I recall ABC did give him one for awhile on Monday Night Football and he almost destroyed that telecast singlehandedly. He used the silliest/racist jokes he could think up to talk about the immigration issue. This represents humor at its finest for Conservatives--I guess.

Newshounds: Is Dennis Miller’s Racist Hate-Speech Supposed To Be Funny?

Dennis Miller started his weekly gig on Hannity & Colmes last night in a segment called “Real Free Speech.” They should have called it, “I Hate Mexicans--Just Kidding," , If this is FOX News’ strategy to win back viewers, I think they ought to think on


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