Ben Cardin's New Ad

Ben Cardin is running against Michael Steele for Maryland's Senate Seat being vacated by Paul Sarbanes.

Like so many Republicans, Steele is trying to distance himself from the Republican party and President Bush specifically. If you look on his site, his party affiliation is nowhere to be found. Steele's own advertising insinuates that Steele is more of a moderate independent, although a quick perusal of his stances on abortion (against it, including in cases of rape and incest) and other hot button issues leaves no doubt that he is very conservative and very close to the Bush Administration.

Ben Cardin isn't having it, and his ad shows where Steele's loyalties lie.

We're down to the wire, just 25 days to the election. Let's help these Democrats retake the Senate. Show Cardin some love if you can.


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