The Washington Post's Crush On Right Wing Blogs

Eric Boehlert outlines this love affair. (Thanks for the kind words about C&L) I do remember how the Post was practically crying when the right wing bloggers called their Terri Schiavo memo a forgery. I posted about it here. I did a huge round up about it here.

The WaPo probably sent a dozen roses to the new head of the RNC, Mel Martinez for admitting to sending out the memo for political gain and completely embarrassed the right wing blogosphere. You would think the Post would remember that they (RWB's) are wrong about almost everything, but love can blind you...

Let's face it -- if a liberal blogger ever stitched together a record of sloppy, Keystone Kops-style obfuscation the way Malkin has, Post editors wouldn't even know how to spell the blogger's name, let alone be interested in profiling on


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