I'm On A Conference Call With Joe Wilson: Updated Below


Joe Wilson gave a very short statement to start. I asked the first question...I said it was a great verdict and asked about the civil case and Cheney...I was surprised to be first in the line, but bloggers rule!

The NY Times, CBS, AP, FOX, The Daily News and CNN were next up. He said that the White House should not hide behind the "on going trial" meme and should speak to the press about this case.

Wilson talked about Bush's comment that he felt sorry for Libby's family. He wanted to know why the WH didn't care about his family or that Valerie's career was ruined over this case. He ran down his trip to Niger and said he was a good choice to go because of his prior experience with Iraq and Africa. He thought our justice system was served well today...No man is above the law...Cheney is arguing that he is immune to prosecution...James Meek from the Daily News asked about the juror that said Libby was the fall guy and wondered how he felt about him mentioning Rove's name...He knows they were all knee deep in smearing his family over the matter, but didn't question Fitzgerald's handling of the case.

Jeannie Moos from CNN, asked the most trivial question. Who would Wilson like to see play himself and Valerie in the movie? I say Naomi Watts for Valerie and Clive Owen for Joseph....What are your thoughts?

Update: The bloggers really kept this story alive and well while the media always charcterized it as a confusing saga. A big shout out goes to FDL---my pal Jane, Christy, Marcy and the whole team. Their work was awesome...We've changed the way the news will be covered from now on...


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