Is Gingrich Coming Clean For 08?

countdown-gingrich-hypocrisy.jpg Newt Gingrich's admission to James Dobson of an extramarital affair yesterday signals to many that he may be trying to come clean with the religious right before mounting a Presidential run in 2008. Craig Crawford and Alison Stewart talk about Newt's hypocrisy and political posturing.

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As I mused about the other day, my prediction is that Gingrich will let McCain/Rudy/Romney fight each other to the death this year then enter the race after everyone is sick and tired of the political bloodbath. He's holding strong at around 10% in the polls (not bad for someone who's not running) and already has a 'Draft Newt' movement in place. He strikes all the right chords with the conservative wing of the Republican Party and could really mix up the GOP primary where there are currently no true "social conservatives." Repenting on Dobson's radio show will definitely score him some points there.

UPDATE: Looks like Newt's repentance is paying off with Jerry Falwell too.


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