Melanie Morgan Permanently Banned From "The News Hour"


TRex has the rundown and the video at Firedoglake:

Well, well, well. Via Romenesko, we learn that one of our favorite fact-free Righty screechers has gotten herself permanently locked out in the yard over at The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. The clip in question is posted above, and frankly, for Morgan (whose rancor and biliousness are all the way off the charts on a good day), I think it's pretty mild. All she did was serially interrupt and talk over Iraq War veteran John Soltz to accuse him undermining the troops and call him a cheerleader for Al Qaeda. Is that such a crime?

Let's go to the transcript:
JON SOLTZ: Well, we are the troops. And there was nothing worse than when I was in combat in Iraq and a soldier that I sent on a convoy was killed, and I had to hear my president, the man who never had the courage to serve in Vietnam, entice my enemy with words like, "Bring it on."
MELANIE MORGAN: Oh, please!

Here are some more memorable moments from the sweet and lovable Melanie Morgan...


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