Laura Flanders At FDL's Book Salon

flanders.jpg Go say hi.

Orcinus has a great post up on Lou Dobbs going after Laura.

Dobbs chases down Laura from FDL:

I meant to say: he flipped. It was as if no one had ever challenged him on the use of the word "alien" before. He followed me into the make up room berating me, "How dare you ..." then down the hall and to the elevator. His point: it's a government term. My point. It's dehumanizing no matter what. Being a government term doesn't make it better. It was dehumanizing vs. Germans and Italians too and he has a megaphone he's using to beat immigrants with. He wouldn't give way, but neither would I. In the end to his credit, when I said "I guess I won't be back any time soon" he invited me right back, which he did.


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