How The Mighty Have Fallen

ralphreed-rs.jpg Ralph Reed is now labeled as a "Republican Strategist." That's about as low as you can go when being put on the air. Hypocrisy fills the ranks of the "moral majority," and he epitomizes it. I pulled this graphic off of FOX when Hitchens mocked his Abramoff ties on H&C last week. He was the big time Christian/College Republican leader that was going to carry on into the 21st century.

"People of faith," he once wrote, had become the new "Amos and Andy," and he was determined to push to the center of American politics their "cluster of pro-family issues" so they could attract "a majority of voters." But Reed forgot his own lessons. In the face of incredibly damning evidence, he insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong and that he didn't know he was consorting with a friend nicknamed Casino Jack or taking money from gambling interests. He thought he could convince his base that they shouldn't believe their eyes and ears, that they should trust him instead. In the end, not enough did.


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