New York Fans Boo Isiah Thomas And Marbury All-night-long

I posted about the embarrassment that Isiah Thomas is and the lunacy with which James Dolan runs the NY Knicks a few weeks ago. After losing a sexual harassment suit, Thomas still coaches a team that is now in complete shambles. Marbury bolted from the Knicks last week when he learned he was going to be benched, was fined almost 200K and also was booed by the Graden faithful last night relentlessly.

When will Dolan stop the madness and clean house? I make a point about this story because (I am a fan of the team) once again a woman is victimized without consequences.

I pity Walt "Clyde" Frazier, a player turned analyst---who was one of the all time greats for NY and has to call these games. He's a man who has had a fun time trying to colorfully use the English language as a commentator and now is at a loss for words to describe this situation. Free "Clyde" Frazier and fire Isiah Thomas!


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