Robert Novak Attacks Gov. Kathleen Sebelius And A Touch Of John Stewart

The Prince of darkness returns! Novakula dusts off his old weather beaten type writer to give us his idiotic tirade against the very popular Sebelius. Here's their response to Novak.

Sebelius spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran condemned the Novak piece as forwarding his "personal agendas and hyperbole." She pointed out that Novak's column failed to mention the 8.5 percent decline in the Kansas abortion rate since Sebeliushas been in office and added: "Clearly, the people of Kansas don't share Mr. Novak's narrow view of Governor Sebelius, having overwhelmingly voted to re-elect her in 2006 in an endorsement of Governor Sebelius's centrist, mainstream approach."

Wow, she supports women's rights. What a shocker. C&Lers may remember the odious wild man named Phill Kline.

Kline was one of those over the top an anti-choice lunatics that O'Reilly just loved. His positions finally drove him out of a job in Kansas, but he's still hanging around. He was also being investigated for some money issues. Click here for the video.

Anyway, back to Novak, here's a blast from the past Daily Show clip that has been a big favorite here.

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Stewart: ..for that Douchebaggery, Robert Novak is hereby awarded the highest civilian honor awarded to douchebags: The congressional medal of douchebag…

It's an honor well deserved.


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