Will Joe Scarborough Finally Drop The "Latte Sipping Liberal" Garbage Now?

GOP hack Joe Scarborough hasn't been on the air for nearly two weeks thanks to the Olympics and a lot has happened in that time. He and the Morning Joe crew will have a lot of ground to cover when they return to the airwaves, but unfortunately for Joe, one of his favorite wingnut memes has been blown to smithereens while he was away -- the stereotypical, elitist, latte sipping liberals.

Now that we've learned from the LA Times that John McCain ditched reporters and dragged a 9 car motorcade to Starbucks to snag a large cappuccino on Friday, I think it's time for Joe to let it go. Hell, McCain was probably wearing his $500 Italian loafers at the time (I bet he has more than one pair) and probably had a hard time deciding which home to return to.

It's time to give it up, Joe. I think we all know who the real latte-sipping elitist is now.


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