Soltz To McCain: The Troops Don't Get A Time Out For Financial Crisis

The Huffington Post:

So, because there's a financial crisis, Senator McCain cannot take 90 minutes to address how he will face challenges around the world, including how and when he will send American troops to fight, and possibly die.

Wow. Troops would sure love that luxury.

Unfortunately, though, insurgents in Iraq don't stop shooting at us, or setting IEDs, because our Commander in Chief needs a breather to figure out Wall Street.

Al Qaeda in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border region don't send our troops notes that read, "Hey, I hear you guys are tied up with Wall Street. Your President needs to concentrate on other things, so we'll give you a break. So, to make things easier on you, here's our coordinates." Read on...

Ouch. That's going to leave a mark. John McCain just choked and Soltz just made him pay for it. By hittting him on what has always been perceived as his strong suit Jon shows how he once again -- like his abysmal voting record on veterans issues -- is all too eager to put politics before country. And if he can't handle multiple issues and crises at one time, it is laughable to say that he could ever be the leader of the free world. Flanked by a vice presidential candidate who is woefully inept, corrupt and unqualified, Senator McCain is proving without a doubt that in the moment of truth, when things get tough, he won't hesitate to cut and run on the American people.


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