Tom Coburn Endorses Health Care Exchanges

Republicans are entering the final stage of Obamacare loss: Acceptance.

First it was Ron Johnson offering tepid praise for the idea of healthcare exchanges. Now we've got Senator Tom Coburn offering full-throated praise of the exchanges. After denial, anger, bargaining and depression over it, Coburn is leading his colleagues toward acceptance.

Huffington Post:

"I'm not worried about the exchanges," he said in a Senate floor speech. "They'll get that fixed."

Coburn attributed the early failures of -- the online portal where individuals can shop for coverage under the Affordable Care Act -- to an "incompetency of management." But the exchanges would ultimately be successful, Coburn said.

"It will eventually work and work well," he said.

We all knew it was just a matter of time. By 2014 he'll be telling us it was all their idea.

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