Colbert Mocks Brooks And Marcus For 'Confused' Columns On Legalizing Pot

Stephen Colbert gives David Brooks and Ruth Marcus the treatment they deserve after the very confused columns they wrote warning of the dangers of legalizing marijuana.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took apart former "potheads" turned prudes David Brooks and Ruth Marcus for their recent op-eds, where both of them admitted to smoking pot in their younger days, but warned of the perils of seeing it legalized now.

You've got to love Stephen for daring to go where none of the Villagers praising the two of them in recent days would ever go when it comes to the double standard on who is held accountable for their actions when it comes to drug use.

COLBERT: I applaud Marcus and Brooks for taking a firm stance against legalizing the pot they smoked. I assume they're going to turn themselves into the police now and serve their time. Hopefully that will keep them from ever smoking again because they might get high and write something really confusing.

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