Fox News Watch Panel Calls Keith Olbermann 'Unhinged' For His Special Comment On The 'Tea Party'


Fox News's lame excuse for a media watchdog show decided to take after Joy Behar for her comments about Sharron Angle, and Keith Olbermann for his Special Comment on the "Tea Party". The best they could come up with to go after "left wing meanie" Olbermann, he's "unhinged" and making things up. Given Fox's promotion of the astroturf "Tea Party" movement, I didn't expect much better from them.

Keith Olbermann might get over the top with the tone of his segments like this Special Comment, but he's also got the facts on his side whether you like the tone or not. You'll notice they didn't try to actually debunk anything he said but just attacked him personally as being "unhinged" instead.

Scott: There are lots of examples S. E. of liberal media figures such as Keith Olbermann taking shots at conservative politicians. He rants about the Tea Party. Take a listen to this.


S. E. is he really that unhinged or is he just making that up for comic effect?

Cupp: Well I think that the five of us at this table were the only people not implicated in that rant. He was really going after, I mean... generations of people. I think he's unhinged. I've been watching Chris Matthews take a similar kind of stance against Sarah Palin and tea partiers. I mean there's a reason why the liberal outlets are talking about conservatives. You will get New York Magazine and Sarah Palin, Newsweek has John Boehner, they're not talking about the left because they can't, so they're going after these sort of boogie men... on the right.

Uh... no S.E., they're going after them because they're nut jobs. Keith Olbermann spent the better part of twenty minutes pointing out just what these people's opinions are and why they're dangerous for our democracy and why they are on the far right fringe of the Republican party with what they're campaigning on, but you all decided to ignore that. Bravo.

And I'm not about to defend Behar's crap since it's not acceptable to be calling someone a b**ch on the air whether you agree with them or not. I don't care for Angle and I think she's an extremist, she's over the top with her rhetoric and dangerous and I don't think she's fit to serve in the US Senate. I don't think you have to be calling her the b-word to make that point. All Behar did is give Fox an excuse to lump her in with anyone they could come up with to prove all liberals or Democrats are evil just like Coulter did on Hannity's show last week.


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