John Oliver On Palin's Return To Fox: ‘We Can Just Fu*king Ignore Her!’


The Daily Show's John Oliver was back for his second week filling in as host for Jon Stewart and doing a fantastic job once again. He opened this Monday's show with a revelation following the return of Sarah Palin to Fox "News" and her hawking her upcoming book on their ridiculous "War on Christmas":

John Oliver: Just f*cking ignore Sarah Palin’s turd supermarket of self-contradictory nonsense:

“I just don’t even know where to begin with her,” he said. “I mean — hold on. I think I’ve just realized something. F*ck it, this is exactly what she wants. Just because I walked into a turd supermarket doesn’t mean I have to buy anything.”

Though Oliver could mock Palin in the typical Daily Show-esque fashion by mashing up clips of the conservative commentator contradicting her own “nonsense,” the more prudent move was to “just f*cking ignore her.”

“I promise America it will feel so good,” he remarked. “It will be like we give our brains an enema together.”

Ignoring Palin rather than mocking her would be a difficult task, Oliver acknowledged, but it was the right thing to do.

It makes me wonder if the writers over at The Daily Show read Karoli's post on the same subject. While I understand and share the fatigue completely and the sentiment behind not wanting to feed her obvious trolling, I also think ignoring her completely is dangerous. I would prefer to see the media ignore her for the most part unless she's subjected to the proper level of mockery and derision she received here.


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