National Republican Trust PAC Running 25 Minute Long Anti-Obama Screed In Swing States


Rachel Maddow sums up for us very nicely what the National Republican Trust PAC, which is running a 25 minute long anti-Obama screed in a number of swing states, is using as their closing arguments to attack President Obama:

MADDOW: In swing states across the country a 25 minute long ad. Sure health care is terrible and the stimulus stinks, but white people!... come on! Don't forget what it all boils down to. White people, be afraid!

Yep, that about sums is up. It didn't work out so well for them during the presidential election. Here's more from TPM.

Conservative PAC Ad Brings Together The Best-Of Anti-Obama Memes (VIDEO):

The National Republican Trust PAC has launched a 25-minute video in several key states attacking President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress and linking them to extremist groups and opinions. The video brings up ACORN and the New Black Panther Party -- and not-so-subtlety implies Obama is a Muslim, though the group behind the video says that is not the intention.

It is running heavy in North Carolina, Iowa, Kentucky, Delaware, Alaska, and Florida, Scott Wheeler, executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC, told TPMMuckraker. It began running on television stations last week but has been online for about two weeks, he said.

The ad features Muslim chanting layered over clips of Obama speaking about Islam. "Instead of standing up for America, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia," the video says. But Wheeler said that ad isn't intended to imply Obama is a Muslim.

"Well he was in the Middle East, and that's the call to prayer baseline music," Wheeler said. "Look what the president has said... he's advocated negotiating with Hamas, a terrorist group."

Go read the rest and they've got the entire video posted if you've got the stomach for it.


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