Politico Fail: 'Reporter' Mistakes Wisconsin State Flag For Union Flag

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From The Majority Report -- Unions Replace Wisconsin Flag with their Own...or Politico Reporter is Stupid:

Politico has deleted a post by reporter Donovan Slack where his union hate is so blinding, he confuses the Wisconsin state flag with a labor union flag.

Here's more from Gawker who got a screen shot before the post was pulled -- Politico Mistakes State Flag for Union Flag, Idiocy Ensues:

See that flag? It is the state flag of Wisconsin. On the top there is the name of the state, "Wisconsin," and on the bottom is the year that Wisconsin was admitted to the union.

Politico reporter Donovan Slack thought that this Wisconsin state flag was, in fact, a union flag, and that furthermore Barack Obama's choice to stand under this union flag in Wisconsin made it "very clear what side" he's on. Whoops.

Here's the cached version of Slack's story on this important issue—complete with photographic proof—which was posted at 12:02 p.m. yesterday on Politico's website (since disappeared): Read on...


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