Republican John Boehner Backpedaling On Stimulus Lies


(h/t Jamie)

Last Sunday on Fox News, Ohio Republican John Boehner raised a few eyebrows when he told host Chris Wallace that there hasn't been a single stimulus job started in his state:

In Ohio, the infrastructure dollars that were sent there months ago -- there hasn’t been a contract let, to my knowledge. And the fact is -- is I don’t believe it will create jobs.

John Boehner is either a liar or he's clueless:

When U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner told a newscaster Sunday that not a single stimulus-funded road contract in his home state of Ohio had been let, he was wrong.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has OK'd 52 stimulus-funded road and bridge projects at a cost of nearly $84 million.

Boehner released a statement to "clarify:"

"The entire process has been absurdly slow moving just as Republicans warned it would be when we called for an economic recovery bill based on fast-acting tax relief for small businesses and working families," Boehner said in a statement. Read on...

Well, he was close, right? He said zero, but the number was actually 52. I really hate liars. It's par for the course with today's GOP. Just make sh*t up as you go and hope that something sticks to the wall.


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