Mike's Blog Roundup

TBogg: Paranoid Anger Bear Andrew Breitbart's hatred extends to more than just negroes. Update: Maybe they grew a pair

onegoodmove: Links with your coffee...

Its my Right to be Left of the Center: Grayson: May God have mercy on your souls

Circle Jerk at the Square Dance: What new words are we creating in our political tweets?

Class Acts: The Prohibition Blues

HOLY CRAP: Changing the script...Scientology's new enemy...GOP Reps align with Muslim nations...Believer Beware at TBN...10 things Christians and Atheists can and must agree on...Breitbart to repackage "Birth of A Nation" as Obama documentary...Just Crap...Racial tolerance...Cheap Grace...Sectarian Supremacism...Holy Images


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