Narcissism Much? See Mitt's Olympic Pins!

I honestly don't know what to make of this. I'm pretty sure that this would give psychoanalysts reams of material. (h/t Aravosis)

As head of the Salt Lake Olympics Mitt Romney became the first Olympic executive to approve a series of commemorative pins in his likeness.

Now I know there's this whole pin trading culture. When I took my kids to Disneyland, we were inundated by it, and I understand it was a really big thing at the China Summer Olympics. But really, commissioning a series of pins of an executive? That's just...odd. A mascot? Sure. Maybe even the Queen for the London Olympics, I can see. But an executive? Why did anyone think there would be demand for that?

Doncha just love the manly jawline? The silky tresses? The sexy little cleft? Funny, I don't remember that on the original. Artistic license, I suppose.

Wouldn't you know? The pin was manufactured in China. Oh! the irony!


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