Mitt's Unfortunate Reference To 'Illegal Aliens' On Univision


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Honestly, I can't remember a time where one candidate managed to offend so many people in such a short time. Mitt Romney acknowledged in his fundraiser tape that the Hispanic vote is key not only to his election, but also to the survival of the Republican party. So you'd think he'd try to at least take a neutral stance with regard to the DREAM Act, but no.

In response to a direct question on the DREAM Act, he said, "for those that are here, that are undocumented, that were brought here by their parents, and therefore are illegal view is that we should put into place a permanent solution."

Most kids who would be covered under the DREAM Act do not consider themselves illegal aliens. They've grown up in this country. They've been educated in our schools. They pledge allegiance to our flag. Some of them serve our country. Others of them want to.

They are caught in an unfair web, but they are not "illegal aliens." And why on earth would Romney think it was a good idea to say that to the Univision audience?

He goes on in this segment to extol Marco Rubio's solution while blaming Democrats for the stall on the DREAM Act and immigration reform. Rubio's solution doesn't give anyone, including DREAMers, a path to citizenship. It just keeps them from being deported. What kind of solution is that?

It gets worse, though. When asked if he was ducking the question and whether he would deport immigrants, he feigned outrage at the thought, and then yammered about a 'permanent solution' that makes cannon fodder of kids brought here with their parents as a condition for citizenship. After all, if Mitt wants to do battle with Iran, he'll need fresh troops to fight it. It appears he wishes to mine the groups of immigrants in this country who would just like a way to apply for and work toward citizenship.

What Mitt didn't say is as important as what he did. He never said the word "citizen." He said they'd receive "permanent resident" status, which is not citizenship and does not confer the rights of citizenship. One might get the impression that Mitt doesn't especially care for the idea of Latinos having voting rights or something.

What a disaster.

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