Fear Of The 99ers

Alan Powell: Party Change Was Easy Decision

The clip is from earlier this month on Fox Business, but seeing as perhaps 800,000 people are about to lose their unemployment benefits at midnight, and a further 1.2 million on December 31, it seems as good a time as any to see the arguments presented through the Fox Looking Glass.

For instance, the host notes armed guards are now being posted at unemployment centers, in case anyone "loses it", and then asks if his guests are armed. Assured both aren't "packing", things move along to the more natural questions of just how bad things are out there in the job market (otherwise known as "the real world"), but not before Bo Dietl suggests the strong likelihood of such incidents with the coming Holiday season. Former Senator Al D'Amato thinks that if only the Obama's wouldn't take foreign trips that would somehow pay for unemployment extensions. Near the middle things go off the rails again when one of the guests dares to say out loud that all the Bush Tax Cuts be repealed and "everyone pay their fair share" to get us out of this mess. An uproar naturally ensues for the next 2-3 minutes on how horrible it would be for small buiness owners (aka millionaires) to be subjected to any such thing.

All in all, probably a typical moment in everyday Fox Land, where the unemployed are painted as lazy and criminal, while the rich are not expected to be subjected to any personal sacrifice whatsoever.

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