Greek News Presenter Pelted With Eggs And Yoghurt Live On-Air

Greek News Presenter Pelted with Eggs and Yoghurt Live on-air

The economic turmoil in Greece is causing many to say enough with the old bullshit that's gone over the airwaves for so long. Giving voice to a Neo-Nazi group was too much, so this guy gets pelted with eggs and yoghurt.

via The Greek Reporter:

A Greek journalist came under fire from angry protesters while on-air on Friday night after hosting a show featuring a spokesman for the far-right political organisations Golden Dawn the previous week. According to local reports, protesters broke into the TV studio, hurling eggs and yoghurt at news presenter Panagiotis Bourchas shortly after 9.00pm.

Bourchas is covering his head as the food comes flying. He endures the messy protest for more than a minute, trying unsuccessfully to wipe off the food before shaking his head, unclipping his earpiece and walking off the set. Watch the video below:

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