John Roberts Debunks McCain's Rosy Baghdad Scenario

cnn-mccain-baghdad.jpg On The Situation Room yesterday, John McCain told Wolf that the surge is so encouraging that General Patraeus now travels around in unarmored Humvees and American soldiers can walk around the streets of Bahdad safely. When confronted today by John Roberts, McCain backpeddled faster than he did on gay marriage in Iowa.

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Roberts: I checked with General Petraeus' people overnight and they said he never goes out in anything less than an up armored Humvee. You also told Bill Bennett on his radio program on said there are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhood today, yet retired General Barry McCaffrey said no Iraqi government official, coalition soldier, diplomat reporter could walk the streets of Baghdad without heavily armed protection.

We’ve got two different stories here...Who’s right?

ThinkProgress has more.


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