November 27, 2007

That's right, kids. We're in an seemingly endless occupation of a foreign nation that wants us out and our civil liberties are eroded every day. Our great-grandchildren will still be grappling with the debts accrued during this administration. As horror author Stephen King points out, we're still debating whether waterboarding is torture. But what we all want to know about, according to our incisive media, is what the presidential contenders watch on TV. Here's Chris "Life is a Campaign" Matthews' take, but keep in mind he was joined by every other outlet as well.

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I actually heard a talking head on a morning talk show call Hillary Clinton "elitist" for saying that she likes to watch HGTV and Obama "safe and kind of gutless" for saying he liked to watch SpongeBob with his kids. But they left the obvious jokes of Mitt Romney's choice of Lost and McCain's Prison Break alone. Talk about safe and kind of gutless.

I have to say that the thought that anyone might be swayed in their vote by this information sickens--but does not surprise--me.

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