John McCain on doughnuts and sprinkles. "This is our latest health program." OK, here's the deal. The media wants to make presidential elections a
September 7, 2008

John McCain on doughnuts and sprinkles.

"This is our latest health program."

OK, here's the deal. The media wants to make presidential elections about personalities alone, a clash between individuals instead of two people that represent certain policies they want to install in the country. But we're supposed to be voting on a candidate that expresses a desire to pass legislation that will help the country. We're voting on principles plain and simple. McCain represents the almost eight years of probably the worst presidency in the history of the US. It's "The Bush years," ladies and gentlemen. We nearly just had a depression with the Bear Stearns fiasco, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being taken over by the government, almost 50 million people have no health insurance, two wars are raging with no end in sight and China's holding the paper on it.

The government is wiretapping our phones and emails although they would never use any of the gathered information for purposes other than combating terrorism. Yea, right. Bush admitted he approved of torture which is now up there with apple pie as part of the American way. Rumsfeld tells the troops that they should STFU because you go to war with what you have. Screw you and your MRAPS. McCain doesn't want to expand services for the troops because he says they may leave the service then. Isn't that a funny way of showing one's support for the military?

Remember when we found a Canadian coin in our pocket and laughed about it saying "how the heck did it get there?" Not anymore.

You remember the idiotic question that infatuated the kool kidz back in the 2000 election, the one that asked the very serious "Who would you rather have a beer with George Bush or Al Gore?

According to a just-released Sam Adams/Roper Starch poll, more people would rather sit down to drink a beer with George Bush than Al Gore. Although some 24% of people are still undecided, tonight's debate could sway these swing voters. The Sam Adams' poll gives Bush a 3-point advantage (40% vs. 37%) even though the candidates are practically in a "dead heat" in all other polls. Could it be that Bush is just that much more likable? Or, has Al Gore's boasting gotten the best of him? Even so, Gore wouldn't be the first to tell tall tales in a bar, now would he? The fact remains though that the people's pick for a quick visit over a beer is Bush

Are you still drunk or drinking now? Outside of the Supreme Court's interference, Bush got the job because the media elites made that election about who you thought was your friend and drinking buddy. Not about our well being. They screamed about who invented the Internets and inspired Love Story and things that don't mean a damn to any of us except the people that don't have to worry about their next meal. The millionaire, rich kid---fanboys that populate the elite media and want to control the system. That's very important to our political system and the well being of our families.

When I'm writing a check to my health insurance company that just raised my rates again, I wonder and say---Yea, the cost just went up again, but if I could only have a cold one with John McCain at this moment everything would be alright. Bush and I could share a few chuckles over that one too. Good times for sure.

This election is about restoring some order to our country. Here's a memo to the media: Do some segments about POLICY! It matters when we're actually trying to get jobs, pay bills and feed our families. I can't make it any clearer than that.

A vote for McCain equals more War.

A vote for McCain equals No universal health care.

A vote for McCain equals a continued collapsing economy.

A vote for McCain equals higher gas prices.

A vote for McCain equals no help for the housing market.

A vote for McCain equals a further erosion of woman's rights.

A vote for McCain equals ideologue judges being placed throughout the country.

Please add to the list. You see my point. John McCain knows this so he covers up his complicity in "The Bush Years" and support of failed policies with doughnuts so the media will be soft on him. And that has worked all too well. .That's it for now. Have a beer, go to a soccer game, but make sure you vote to improve THIS Country. Vote Obama.

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