Gen. Michael Hayden Says Al-Qaeda Is Anyone Who Hates America

Retired general Michael Hayden, the former NSA boss who illegally eavesdropped on Americans without warrants, had a banner year of lies in 2013. He's been a go-to guest for the Beltway media as a prime defender of the outrageous NSA surveillance program while making millions off of the fear he provokes, but he's still got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. When asked about the NYTimes new Benghazi report, he did something I thought couldn't be done. On the fly, he reclassified what it means to be part of al-Qaeda in such a way that almost any foreigner is now a member of the terrorist organization --even if they didn't know it. Check out his new routine on Fox News.

Roberts: You were talking about things on one of the Sunday programs. We have information from people who were on the ground in Benghazi during that attack in the consulate and the NY Times article is flat out wrong. That there were al-Qaeda connections among the people who were there that night

Hayden: Yea, look, This is starting to resemble one of those medieval theological discussions about how many angels, or many jihadists you can get on the head of a pin.

Al Qaeda is organized kind of into three movements, al-Qaeda Prime, al-Qaeda affiliated and like minded.

I said a couple of days after the attack this was almost certainly either high-end like-minded or low-end affiliated.

Is this kerosene guzzling propagandist saying that al-Qaeda is just like the Transformers? if you are a Muslim and relate on any kind of a level to positions held by al-Qaeda, then you are a member--even if you never joined the group. He's setting up new levels of admittance into the group without al-Qaeda even knowing about it. Who does he work for, exactly? ,

Roberts: But that is not as the NY Times said, no Al-Qaeda

Hayden: Oh, noooooo and I agree.

Roberts: So where they wrong in saying there was no al-Qaeda connections?

Hayden: You know, it depends on your meaning of the word al-Qaeda and I think if you take it back to my argument about angels on the head of a pin. If you take that narrow theological definition. Look, no one has suggested that somebody with a (garbled) and was sending detailed instructions to somebody in Benghazi. My final point John, is really important and it's about the broader narrative, alright?

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You see, everything depends by what you mean by al-Qaeda, OK? What a lowbrow shill.
I was thinking that Rep. Darrell Issa was the biggest liar of 2013 with his phony Benghazi investigations, but Michael Hayden is nipping at his heels.


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