I Got Your Reform Republicanism Right Here

I Got Your Reform Republicanism Right Here

In the comments to my Paul Ryan post, Dreis offers an excellent suggestion for how the government could deploy Ryan-style "life coaches":

... my counter-proposal to Ryan is that we all go back to Eisenhower-level tax rates on the rich. If you would like your tax rates lowered to Reagan-level rates then you have to work with a life coach and meet the commitments of a contract you create together. A lower tax rate will be granted based on: 1. The amount of people you create jobs for that pay a living wage, 2. The amount of earnings you keep in the country and pay taxes on, 3. That you don't take any other subsidies or tax breaks from the government (state or federal), 4. Your personal and business endeavors maintain an environmental impact below an agreed-upon limit.

Brilliant! And hey, there's even something for wingnuts to like in there: #3 would incentivize the rich not to engage in "crony capitalism," which is something True Conservatives really, really hate, right? Or so I've repeatedly been told? So let's do this!

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