A military expert for Fox news claimed that "political correctness," killed twelve people in France's terrorist attack and not Muslim extremists.
January 7, 2015

You can always count on Fox News to take a horrendous world event and turn into an attack on what they see as progressive values.

Early this morning in America, it was reported that a horrible terrorist attack took place in France on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo that claimed the life of twelve people. As Fox & Friends was covering the story they brought on one of their military experts, Tom McInerney to ask his opinion about the attacks. What he said was as egregious as it was ridiculous because he blamed the terror attacks not on the extremists that committed it, but on "political correctness," I kid you not.

“Political correctness is killing us, this is a prime example,” Tom McInerney said. “Look, our own president says that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is not Islamic. Please!”

“Until we hold the Arab world and the Muslim world accountable for letting this radical Islamic ideology — which as I have said before is as evil as Naziism, Fascism, and Communism, it is not a religion — until we hold these people accountable and in their own environment as general al-Sisi of Egypt said a few days ago when he chastised the imams for preaching this kind of radical ideology,” he continued. “So the west, the entire world, must hold Islam and the Muslims accountable.”

Host Brian Kilmeade alleged that many French cops don’t carry firearms, and said at least that wasn’t the case in New York City.

“But with the current leadership in New York, and I’m referring to the communist mayor you have up there, that may change,” McInerney replied. “So I think that the world better wake up.”

All our leaders need to do is scold the Muslim world strong enough and often enough and that will end all terrorism around the world. And of course to him, Mayor de Blasio is a communist terrorist himself.

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