Fox and Friends brings on their favorite Bergdahl-bashing Navy SEAL to denigrate the former P.O.W. before his story is told on 'Serial,' Season 2.

December 11, 2015

Naturally, the release of Season 2 of 'Serial' will upset any right-winger who can't see straight because of their unrepentant hatred of President Obama. In this case, former P.O.W. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl tells his harrowing story in the 8-10 part series. Brian Kilmeade, in his curiously ironic voice, mocks the idea that anyone would view this 'deserter' as a hero, and brings on Thom Shea, a Navy SEAL who has been an avid Bergdahl-basher for quite some time now.

The reality of the current controversy surrounding Bergdahl is that nothing has really been decided.

Army prosecutors initially accused him of desertion (a potential five-year sentence) and endangering troops who searched for him (a potential life sentence). But the Army’s investigator, Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, testified at a preliminary hearing in September that prison time would be “inappropriate” and that Sergeant Bergdahl was truthful and sincere — while also suggesting he was delusional.

Dahl, the army's investigator, has concluded vastly differently from the court of Fox opinion. The notion that lives were lost looking for Bergdahl has been thoroughly debunked, yet the SEAL keeps keeping on with his traitor accusations.

'...the Dahl report debunked several assertions about Sergeant Bergdahl’s disappearance, including the widely reported accusation that some American soldiers had died because of the search for him in the months after his capture.

“The report properly dismisses a variety of contentions that have been made about Sergeant Bergdahl,” Mr. Fidell wrote. “No, he was not planning to walk to China or India. No, there is no evidence that any soldier died searching for him. No, there is no evidence of misbehavior of any kind while he was held captive. Nor is there any credible evidence that Sergeant Bergdahl left in order to get in touch with the Taliban.

Shea has appeared on Hannity to spew his venom, among other right wing forums. However, none is more deplorable than the insidious Freedom Outpost, which is the publishing arm of Sons Of Liberty, a bigoted, hate-group. Shea is always available to bash Bergdahl for the folks at Fox "News," or any anti-Obama outlet he can find.

Before we lend an iota of credence to Shea's assertions, wouldn't it be fair to hear 'both sides?' Isn't that the fair and balanced way? Not really.

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