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RNC Chair: 'No One Cares' About NYT's Article On Trump's Abuse Of Women

Reince Priebus continues to try to convince voters that Trump's misogyny means nothing. No, really.

On Fox News Sunday Reince Priebus continued to try to turn attention away from the trainwreck that is his party's presidential candidate. This week's news cycle was a doozy, with three straight days of non stop bad press for their candidate - refusal to release taxes, Trump's "John Miller" Sybil multiple personality alter ego and a hard hitting piece from the New York Times released today regarding Trump's decades of insulting and mistreating women, both publicly and in the workplace.

What did Reince focus on? Benghazi. Emails. Clinton Foundation. Yes, he did everything he could to push away Chris Wallace's questions. Wallace never really gave up, though, and many times Reince blinked extra hard and it was obvious his brain wheels were turning to try to come up with anything about Hillary, literally anything, that he could say to distract, deflect and deny.

Here are some quotes:

When asked about NYT piece regarding interviews with over 50 women about his insulting and unwanted advances towards women, even in the workplace:

Wallace: Does that bother you?

Priebus: Well, a lot of things bother me, Chris, but obviously I am the wrong person to be asking that particular question.

Wallace: Wait,why are you the wrong person,I mean, you are the Chairman of the party. This is your nominee and they are saying that he mistreated women.

Priebus: What I would see is we have been working on this primary for over a year, Chris and I've gotta tell you, all these stories that come out, and they come out every couple of weeks, people just don't care....they ask "who's gonna bring a bigger earthquake to DC"...people don't care whether Donald Trump had girlfriends.

Wallace: Well forgive me, it's not whether he had girlfriends, it's whether or not he mistreated women, whether he made unwanted advances, whether he humiliated women in the workplace, I don't understand why you say that people don't care about that and are you going to look into the allegations?


Priebus: I am not saying that people don't care about it...yes, everything bothers me, Chris, but I don't know the truth of these things other than reading an article whether these things are true....

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LIAR, you said it just a few seconds ago.

Wallace: Question of character...a story in the Washington Post that Trump used to call reporters claiming to be a publicist named John brag about himself and his exploits with women.

(plays clip from 90's and then clip from Thursday where Trump denies it his him when it clearly is him)

Wallace: What do you say to women voters who are going to hear Trump bragging about his exploits, about him allegedly mistreating women, what do you say to them?

Priebus: A story of 30 years ago is not the most important thing for us....

Then he brings up....drum roll....

Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, emails.

Chairman of the RNC, bringing his A-game to Sunday news. Said no one.

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