September 9, 2016

Leave it to Fox and Friends to comb the globe in a search to legitimize their party's candidate for President/Führer, Donald Trump. Today's guest, Steve Hilton, was the director of strategy of ex-UK PM, David Cameron. and he is enamored with the intensely flawed idea of erecting a wall to keep those undesirable foreign people out of their Lily White Nationalist country. Of course the Fox pals are smitten with this man and his deeply flawed support of Trump's terrible idea. Some of the predictably awful conversation:

STEVE HILTON: I think it just shows that it's not unreasonable for a country wanting to protect its borders. If the UK's doing it, it shows that the U.S. should do it, when he talks about getting things done in a plain and simple way, people just can't cope with it.

EARHARDT: The President put a wall around the White House

DOOCY: Israel's got a wall. (causing tremendous suffering)

The densest of the Giggling Couch Tumors of Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade, explains why there is such fervent appeal for the hate-mongering xenophobia of Herr Donald Drumpf:

KILMEADE: Here's the thing that gets people angry, and you see some of that in the Trump klan-goers crowd: not only do people disagree with you, they call you names: xenophobic, you're not tolerant, or, in our case, if you want to build a wall on the southern border, you don't like Hispanic people (precisely). And people, they sit there and they simmer, Donald Trump walks out, and they cheer. And that I think there's a linkage there.

Kilmeade omits the reason why people are cheering for Donald. Here's a guy who verbalizes their pent-up, racist hate by making it de rigueur to openly show bigotry. No longer do they have to hate in the privacy of their own homes, they can join hands with other hateful White Nationalists and proudly proclaim their penchant for racism. The symbolism of this wall is nothing like the one they couldn't praise Ronald Reagan enough for dismantling, it is a symbol of divisiveness that must exist between certain members of Anglo descent and those who are darker in skin tone.

The UK's Minister of Immigration, Robert Goodwill, explains the proposal, as reported by The Guardian:

Work is about to begin on “a big, new wall” in Calais as the latest attempt to prevent refugees and migrants jumping aboard lorries heading for the Channel port, the UK’s immigration minister has confirmed.

Robert Goodwill told MPs on Tuesday that the four-metre high wall was part of a £17m package of joint Anglo-French security measures to tighten precautions at the port.

Credit: Guardian graphic/Google images

Naturally, there are voices of sanity and reason on the other side of the Atlantic, but Fox News has no interest in giving a fair and balanced 'both sides' account of the events.

François Guennoc of Auberge des Migrants, a French aid group working in Calais, said: “This wall is the latest extension to kilometres of fencing and security surveillance already in place. It will just result in people going further to get round it.

“When you put walls up anywhere in the world, people find ways to go round them. It’s a waste of money. It could make it more dangerous for people, it will push up tariffs for people smugglers and people will end up taking more risks.”

This Pro-Brexit organizer sees nothing unwelcoming or insulting about creating large walls to keep people out.

HILTON: Actually, I think there's no contradiction actually, between being an open and welcoming country to people who can come here and contribute to our economy and our societies, as well as protecting our borders, and making sure the kind of people that we don't want in America don't get in.

I had no idea that this British man is part of 'we,' the citizens of America. Doocy confirms that Hilton indeed was a Brexit proponent and the conversation moves to the monumental change that Trump inspires, without mentioning the excessive baggage he has. Among the high negatives affiliated with Trump such as: racial-housing discrimination, pending rape trial, Trump U. fraud, praise of Putin, denigration of U.S. generals, four bankruptcies, illegal immigration (possibly including his own wife) and the insults he's thrown at Gold Star Families, Muslims, Mexicans, the disabled and the female gender warrant no attention on Fox 'News.'

Hilton believes the Brexit vote symbolized the moment where, finally, we can take control of our country, which sounds a bit too familiar, much like Adolf Hitler, and Donald Trump, who both focused upon that same principle. He Blames (Blamed) A Specific Group Of Immigrants For All Our Problems (And Promises To Eliminate Them From Our Society)

Klueless Kouch Komedian, Kilmeade, once again, ignores reality and finds it preposterous that people who supported the Brexit vote are referenced by insulting names like stupid, naive and oddly enough, they are called dumb if they vote for Trump. He thinks Brexit was an overwhelming success, much to the contrary, it has proven to cause a rise in inflation and has also led to an increase in the number of hate crimes in the country.

It's ironic that in the country where Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wall that was ineffective in keeping the Scots, the Picts and the Saxons out is entertaining a similar folly. But it's not as ironic as a hateful megalomaniac dictating the narrative of a major U.S. political party who also wants to repeat the mistakes that could be avoided if only he attempted to learn HISTORY!

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