Carly Fiorina Pulls Out The Victim Card For Poor Picked On HP While Debating Barbara Boxer


Senator Barbara Boxer and ex-Hewlett Packard, No-God-Given-American-Jobs, CEO and GOP mean-girl Catty-Carly Fiorina squared off for a debate tonight and after being hammered on at every opportunity by Boxer for outsourcing jobs while taking her golden parachute at HP, Fiorina resorted to a typical Republican tactic. When things aren't going well, play the victim card. This time is wasn't for her though. It was for "a treasure of California" and its employees Hewlett Packard. Why does Barbara Boxer hate California "treasure" HP and their workers? She really must hate America for pointing out what they paid Carly.

FIORINA: I think it's actually a shame Barbara Boxer would use Hewlett Packard, a treasure of California, one of the great companies in the world whose employees work very hard and whose shareholders have benefited greatly from both my time as CEO and all the hard work of the employees that I have the privilege to lead and I think it's a shame that she would use that company as a political football. I understand she's going to mischaracterize my record and my severance package, but I think it's a shame she would use the company in that way.

After she appeared on Fox News Sunday I pointed out just how bad that record of hers is, so it's not surprising she'd take this tack and try to pretend Boxer was attacking her former employer and their workers. Talk about some projection going on here. If anyone harmed the company or the workers, it was Fiorina.

As I noted in the other post, Think Progress' Wonk Room has more on her record at HP and what she thinks about protecting American workers. FLASHBACK: McCain Adviser Carly Fiorina: ‘There Is No Job That Is America’s God-Given Right Anymore’.

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