Fiorina: 'It Is Not Fair' That Public Workers Are 'So Rich'

Carly Fiorina, who reportedly stood to receive more than $42 million after being ousted at HP in 2005, says that public workers should receive less benefits because "it is not fair" that unions are "so rich." During a Sunday panel segment on NBC,

Carly Fiorina: Woman Of The People

Carly Fiorina... just looking out for the little people out there who pay too much in taxes. If this wasn't a made for the teabaggers ending argument on why the voters of California should vote for her, I've never heard one. Every one of the dog

HP Is Still Cleaning Up After Carly Fiorina

Back in 2002 while Carly Fiorina ran the show, Hewlett-Packard engaged in a kickback scheme to get in on government contracts. In a nutshell, HP approached procurement contractors with a sweet deal if they would use Hewlett-Packard products. Fiorina

Mike's Blog Round Up

Killing the Buddha: Outside a tea party. David E's Fablog: Tony Heyward goes boating. The Inverse Square: Carly Fiorina reveals the source of he