The panel on Fox News Watch, the show on Fox News which ironically looks out for “media bias” as the host Jon Scott implores their viewers to share with them at the end of the segment, debated the media’s coverage of Glenn Beck’s
September 5, 2010

The panel on Fox News Watch, the show on Fox News which ironically looks out for “media bias” as the host Jon Scott implores their viewers to share with them at the end of the segment, debated the media’s coverage of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, and unsurprisingly their Washington managing editor Bill Sammon was very upset with the “liberal media” for attacking his buddy Glenn Beck. The horror that they might have had some preconceived notions on what Beck is all about and that their coverage might be biased against him.

In the world of these Fox conservative hacks, the story line was already written before Beck even had his rally and of course it wasn’t political because you know… Glenn Beck said it wasn’t going to be. Not that their slant has any basis in reality. Jim Pinkerton wasn’t much better during this segment when talking about the “lazy media” that writes a story ahead of time. Like that’s not what Fox does 24/7. It’s really pathetic watching these guys try to pretend that Fox is nothing more than a political arm of the GOP and that Glenn Beck’s event was just something that he decided to do on his own and that wasn’t promoted by their network.

Kirsten Powers attempted to point that out how ridiculous that narrative was and had Sammon, who is one of the biggest and most disgusting Bush cheerleaders I’ve ever had the unfortunate circumstance of watching in my life counter her with how the media is just picking no poor little old Glenn Beck.

POWERS: I’m sorry, but I love the idea that you act like you just sort of comes out of nowhere, like where did that narrative of Glenn Beck come from? I mean, watch his show. That’s where it came from. This is his narrative of what he presents to the world. (crosstalk) But it’s not unreasonable for them to have anticipated that. I mean that (crosstalk)… they did!

SAMMON: It’s one thing to anticipate. It’s another thing to be spoiling for a fight and you watched the coverage leading up to this rally. The press was ready (crosstalk) for a fight. They wanted punches thrown. They wanted racist signs. They wanted to write that story. They were crestfallen when it turned into a church picnic. And then they didn’t know what to do so they started talking about, well gee you know, he’s a Mormon, maybe he’s not even a… they started attacking his Mormonism.

Sorry Bill, but it wasn’t the “liberal” media that had an issue with Beck’s Mormonism. It was conservative evangelical religious leaders who were saying they didn’t agree with his views and that darned liberal media bothered to point that out.

And note to Fox News, Chris Matthews is not a liberal. He’s a beltway insider Villager who sticks his finger in the air and sees which way the wind is blowing and who occasionally calls a spade a spade when it deserves to be and does the right thing, like he did with Beck.

Those of us that actually deserve that label are sick to death of the media's fake balance and the fact that very few actual liberals are allowed on the air these days.

I watched some footage of Sammon a while back while he was on a book tour promoting his tome to George Bush, Stategery and the ass kissing praise of Bush was almost enough to make me want to throw up in my mouth a little and I had to turn it off after about ten minutes or so. So nice to see he’s moved on to praising Glenn Beck and playing the victim card for him here.

I would love for Bill Sammon to show some courage and defend his views up against that “liberal media” he loves to deride here. Bill, if you’re so sure of yourself, go debate Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann or Cenk Uygur and you tell any of them to their face that they’ve treated Glenn Beck badly. As I said, I don’t consider Matthews a liberal, but Sammon wouldn’t last two minutes with him if he actually had to debate him one on one on this issue. He would not last that long with the others that aren’t the milk toast all sides are equal we see on MSNBC day after day either. He probably would not even find any love over on their morning show with Scarborough these days even though he's just as much of a hack as he's always been most of the time.

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