Be afraid everybody.... be very afraid. PNAC wingnut Frank Gaffney has uncovered a secret plot by the "left" and the "Islamists" to wage a "stealth jihad" on the United States. We all want us to be just like Saudi Arabia or Iran and governed by
August 24, 2010

Be afraid everybody.... be very afraid. PNAC wingnut Frank Gaffney has uncovered a secret plot by the "left" and the "Islamists" to wage a "stealth jihad" on the United States. We all want us to be just like Saudi Arabia or Iran and governed by Sharia law.

Here's the latest on Gaffney and his fellow PNAC fear mongers and this trumped up "ground zero mosque" nonsense (h/t Laffy)

DEVELOPING: "Ground Zero Mosque" brought to you by DC Lobbyist firm, ties to "King Birther" Gaffney:

The "911 Mosque" debacle is being pimped by a lobbyist front with a cast of familiar characters, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, FOX News, The Project for a New American Century - who brought us TWO Wars for Profit.

Follow the money. Pay Attention. This goes Deep.

After some investigation, here's what we found...

It started when a friend sent us an email asking who owned this site:

911 Families for America

A Whois check returned a site with protected information, making it anonymous, but registered at

In fact, we noticed all of these sites were registered at GoDaddy:

Coincidence? It appears all of these sites have ties to each other.

Go read the rest but color me not shocked that the PNAC crowd is tied at the hip with the ones protesting the Islamic center.

Partial transcript of Gaffney's appearance on The Glenn Beck Show below the fold. Neither of these two should be allowed to be polluting our airways with this nonsense. Not long ago as Media Matters noted, Beck was on the air with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf calling him a "good Muslim". Now he's changing his tune and drumming up the fear with the Frank Gaffneys of the world.

Gaffney: I believe Rauf is a classic example of a larger enterprise, namely the implimentation of Sharia's requirement that its adherance bring about that global theocracy through jihad. Where appropriate through violent means and where that's not the most effective way to do it, through more stealthy, as they call civilization means here's the thing, the Muslim Brotherhood operatives like Rauf are extremely skilled at obscuring for our benefit, the non-Muslims of the world's benefit, their true agenda and often are portrayed, including by our governments; sadly not just under this administration, but previous ones, as moderates. It's part of the stealth jihad

Beck: So have you noticed Frank that it seems to be a... there seems to be a global effort against freedom in the world. It's not just... the same tactics being used by radical Islam are the same tactics that the Weather Underground, the same... who knew what fundamental transformation meant just eighteen months ago, but you see what's happening and by the time you figure it out, it's too late. Is this the same thing that's happening here? Is it the same kind of tactics that are being used over and over again throughout this administration?

I'm not saying that they're connected but... or maybe are they?

Gaffney: Well, I think there's a commonality of interests between folks who embrace what we've talked about before as kind of the transnational agenda...

Beck: Uh-huh...

Gaffney: ...of the left and the transnational agenda of the Islamists. They have their differences in terms of the end state. The left wants the world to be run by the U.N. or some sort of international elite. The Islamists want it to be run by a caliphate. But what they have in common Glenn, and this goes right to your question is they both regard us as the impediment to the realization of their objectives and they are working in concert in a lot of different ways that are advancing the takedown of America, the mutation, or fundamental transformation of America in ways that will I'm afraid make it much more difficult to stop either of these agendas at our expense.

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