Norah O'Donnell Allows John Boehner To Lie About Obama Being Responsible For The Deficit


From this Sunday's Face the Nation, Speaker of the House John Boehner repeatedly refused to specify which programs Republicans would be willing to cut in order to get out deficit under control despite being continually pressed about it by Norah O'Donnell. O'Donnell also allowed Boehner to get away with one of the lies they tell repeatedly, which is that it's President Obama who ran up the deficit.

As we've pointed out here already, it is George W. Bush's policies that are primarily responsible for the deficit Boehner is fearmongering over here. And par for the course, O'Donnell let him get away with it with no push back.

O'DONNELL: Let's turn now to another issue in this campaign and that is of course government spending. You have attacked Obamacare as something that this government can't afford. Are you willing to go forward to the American people and say, you're not going to be able to enjoy the same kind of services you have in the past, we've got to cut those services as part of shrinking the government?

BOEHNER: We clearly have a problem. This President's driven the debt up $5 trillion in less than four years. We've got a $16 trillion national debt now, a $1.3 trillion budget deficit this year. You can't continue to spend money that you don't have.

And I do believe that it's time to deal with this. I tried everything I could last year to work with the President to try to come to some agreement to begin the process of getting our debt under control.

O'DONNELL: So can you look people in the eye and say you are not going to enjoy the same services you have before?

BOEHNER: We've got to make changes to all of our programs, because if we don't, they will, not, exist.

O'DONNELL: So people won't have the same kind of services?

BOEHNER: We've got to make adjustments to them. How we do it, that's going to be the subject of a great debate as we get into this election cycle and as we get into the post-election cycle.

O'Donnell didn't ask him which programs he was talking about, but who wants to take dibs he would have lumped Social Security in with Medicare and Medicaid if she had?


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