Bullsh&t Talking Point Of The Year: "Until People In Washington Are Ready To Have An Adult Conversation"

There was so much garbage being spewed on our airwaves and in print as well as online in 2010 that there are literally a million things I could have picked, but this phrase coming from Republicans about deficit reduction and entitlement programs, which is code for cutting or privatizing Social Security and Medicare.


Chris Matthews: Let me talk down the road the big stuff because we all know, gentlemen that the country has a 13 trillion dollar debt and we can talk about economic growth and we can all talk about economic growth the economy, we all know that sometimes it just doesn't grow, some years it just doesn't grow. There's always going to be a business cycle, there's always going to be downturns. So my question to you is, Todd, here's the question. We saw what came out of that bipartisan commission just a few weeks ago. We saw the immediate knee jerk reaction of Nancy Pelosi, we saw the immediate reaction of some of the Republican members of the House. The president did get 14 of the 18 members, of that commission.

Is there a potential that he could cut deals with Coburn who is much respected on issues like fiscal policy and bringing in other leading Democrats as well, recognizing that that the appropriators won't like it, that Pelosi won't like it, that the unions won't like it, that he has to get past those people or he will get nothing done on the fiscal area? If the president waits for the unions, if he waits for the usual interest groups to say yes, it will never get done. He has to form a coalition around them.

Todd Harris (GOP strategist): You're absolutely right and I think the best way to do that will be to include some significant entitlement reform as part of that package

Matthews: Yeah

Todd Harris: .. because there's no way to talk about deficit reduction without doing it. Until people in Washington are ready to have an adult conversation about entitlement all this talk about spending and the deficit is all a bunch of noise, because as we all know that's where the money's going.

Yes, let's have an adult conversation. Go f*&k yourself. Adult conversations are something Republican hacks do not want to have. Anytime you hear Republicans say it, you know what they really mean is "us rich folks are sick and tired of all you poor people that should only be concerned with bowing down to your Masters and knowing your place in our world."


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