Rep. Anthony Weiner Rips Megyn Kelly Over Her Defense Of Clarence Thomas

This was quite the wild exchange on Fox News yesterday morning.

Anthony Weiner makes the argument that Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from all court decisions that are related to the new health-care law since his wife made over $700K from groups that oppose it, and Thomas himself has stated that he agrees with those groups, basically indicating that he's already ruled before the evidence has been presented. Weiner's argument is that when money is involved it taints that Justice. That's a very good point -- one that Fox talkers would be shouting from the rooftops if the subject were a "liberal" justice.

Megyn Kelly, however, argues that since Ginny's a lobbyist, that's not grounds for Clarence to have to withdraw from cases. Weiner doesn't let her off the hook, so she resorts to the BillO Interruption technique to cut him off when he told her that Justice Kagan has recused herself on almost half of her cases on the Supreme Court to teach her how that could work. Kelly wasn't happy.

KELLY: just, just, let, let...

WEINER: First, let me respond to your points.

KELLY: No, I'm responding to you, sir. You mentioned Justice Kagan and I'm pointing out that she was the Solicitor general.

WEINER: No, you made a mistake. You made a mistake

KELLY: Let me tell you sir, let me tell you...You know you're throwing everything at me so I can't offer any ...

WEINER: No, I get an opportunity so let me respond to your question.

KELLY: What don't you just do a soliloquy? OK, you just take it away.

WEINER: OK, this is the way interviews work. You ask the question and I get to answer.

KELLY: Oh, thank you.

WEINER: When you put your commentaries at the end they better be factually correct and in this case they aren't --

KELLY: Was she or was she not the Solicitor General of the US?

WEINER: That's not the part I'm taking exception to.

KELLY: I covered that.

WEINER: No, you said she had to -- yeah, I'm not sure what really goes on at Fox that's actually coverage, but we'll get to -- that's another conversation.


It continued on from there. I almost felt bad for her in a way because Megyn had to turn to the "Clarence and Ginny believe in liberty defense. Nah, not at all. Way to go Anthony!

[H/t emailer Ron]


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