November 25, 2013

(Spoilers Below)

So who's the dead weight in "Dead Weight?" In last week's episode the writers brought back The Governor to the delight of many and he appeared to be a kinder, gentler version of his old psychopathic self after going mad and killing the rest of the Woodbury residents and refusing to attack the prison again. Has his self-imposed 'time out' from the insanity of his last gig changed him? And has his newly-formed family unit become more important to him than his lust for revenge against Michonne? Those questions are pretty much answered in an episode that could have been titled The Rise of One-Eye Bri. The writers have decided to spend two episodes to focus on the Governor's fate after season three, but since he's still twisted I don't know why they needed to. Maybe he did have apprehensions about his past behavior in Woodbury, but after a few scenes with Martinez in charge, any reservations vanished and he became the monstrous Governor once more. In any event, the dead weight in this episode was the passive self he had become when he found the girls. And he seems to be in a delusional state about who these girls actually are. In many ways, he's even more horrible than before. Let's go through the episode.

The Governor and his new family have been taken in by Martinez, who's the leader of the camper group. He asks the Gov if he is willing to take orders from him and also to be warned that there's no room for any dead weight within his group.

Meghan Chambler played chess with the Gov and wondered if her father was mean to her because she was bad. The Governor tells her that she's good, but refuses to respond to her when she asked if they are all good. He knows he's not a good man and the dead weight is what he's become because he believes he can't survive like this in Zombieland.

Roll credits.

The Gov is trying to fix a hole in the leaky camper roof that they have been living in when he is asked to go on a supply run with Martinez and the Dolgen (Pete and Mitch) brothers. "One-Eye Bri" is his new nickname and as he's walking in the forest, they find a decapitated body strung up to a tree with a sign that reads 'liar" hanging from his chest.

Lilly decides to set up a nurses station for the camper group to be useful and Tara seems to have a crush on Alisha, a pretty army reservist who's getting patched up by Lilly.

As the Gov and Martinez walk farther along, they find another decapitated body tied to an arm chair near a cabin with a sign that says 'rapist' stuck to its body. I see a pattern developing here. They reach the survivalists' cabin and find another dead man with what looks like a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head with a sign that says 'murderer' around his neck. They hear a thumping sound inside and enter the house to investigate. One Eye Bri finds a picture that's eerily similar to his old one. A husband, wife and their daughter in a family photo. They get attacked by a few zombies in the bedroom and fend them off. Afterwards, they light up the fireplace and sit down to have some beer and tell tales of before the apocalypse. Martinez tells him that he wouldn't have brought him into his camp if he had been alone, but because of the girls, he seems like a changed man.

Are you?

I am.


They start talking about the past and that's a subject The Governor wants no part of, so when they ask him what he did when it all went down, he says."I survived." Just like Gloria Gaynor.

Back at the camp, Tara, Lilly, Meghan, Gov and Martinez are eating and the girls tell Martinez how great this camp is. Martinez tells them he's trying to recreate their old camp that he lived with Brian in because it was very nice.

After drinking for a while, Martinez is drunk, but takes the Gov up on the roof of a camper to hit some golf balls. He tells him that he had to kill their friend Shumpert because he got bit. Martinez once again admires how the girls pulled him back from the brink of insanity, but says he can never be close to people like that again for fear of losing them. The Gov gets pissed and says he's not going to lose them. While Martinez is hitting another ball, the Gov smashes him in the back of the head with a golf club and then pushes him off the roof and drags him to a pit of biters. He forces his head down to the zombies, screaming he doesn't want it. The zombies grab Martinez and eat him alive.

The Governor can't live with Martinez knowing who he is and what he did if he's going to start over and he's never going to take orders from him either.

The rest of the camp finds Martinez the next morning in the pit and think he just got drunk and fell in and Pete Dolgen decides he's going to be in charge. I counted at least thirty people in the camp and there's probably more.

The Dolgen brothers take the Governor out hunting with them and Pete asks him if he'll help lead the group. They stumble upon a small camp of people (10) and drool over their supplies. Mitch wants to rob the camp of their supplies but Pete refuses on moral grounds. Good for him. After hunting for a bit, they find that same camp with all the people killed and their supplies stolen which infuriates Mitch. He's a loose cannon. The Gov knows these guys can't lead the group and the thought of a band of roving humans killing that smaller camp has spooked him. He gets back to his camper and tells the girls they gotta go because everything is going to turn to sh*t very soon and he can't put them through it.

Things are about to go very wrong here. It's happened to me before and I can't put you and Meghan through that. Can't lose you again.

That quote tells me that The Governor might believe that this is his old family. Hmmmm. They are driving away from the camp and Alisha is sitting in the back with her new girlfriend, Tara. The car slows down because there's a bunch of biters stuck in quicksand-like mud that blocked the road. There's a shot of the Governor looking back at the car with the zombies behind him that makes it look likes he's their supreme leader. A living zombie. He takes them back to the camp and in the morning decides to survive. What does that mean? It's the Governor, what do you think?

He goes to Pete's trailer and murders him because he's too moral to lead and then instead of shooting the his brother Mitch, he woos him with cigarettes because he's the type of sociopathic personality that can survive in Zombieland.

Men like your brother, always doing the right thing even at the cost of their own people. Go on, have a cigarette.

We learn that the Governor comes from an abusive family. His father beat the shit out of him and his brother for stealing a pack of Lucky Strikes.

" I'm running things now."

I'm running things now and I will do everything it takes to protect this camp. If you join me, I promise you you'll never have to worry about whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing because we will do the only thing.

Mitch lights the smoke. The Gov dumps Pete's body in a lake.

Meghan is playing tag with Tara and stumbles into a walker who grabs at her. She screams and wildly tries to get away. Tara finds her first and grabs the walker by the leg, but instead of pulling him off Meghan, she pulls its leg off instead. The zombie is about to take a chunk out of the young one when The Gov puts a bullet in its brain just like old times.

The Gov goes to the small wooden dock on the lake and spies on zombie Pete, who's chained to the bottom and is struggling to reach the surface. He's starting his new zombie petting zoo again. You'd think he'd have grown out of that by now. Camper group is not going to end well.

Then he takes a walk through some trees and we realize that he's just outside the prison eyeing Rick and Carl working in the garden. He then spots Hershel and Michonne talking so he takes out his pistol and cocks the hammer, pointing it at Michonne.

The end.

* Will the Chambler girls still follow the Gov blindly after they find out how sick he is?

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