November 4, 2013

(Spoilers below)

After last weeks "Isolation,' episode we pick off right where we left. This episode was like plenty of TWD's when the group is given a task to complete. Go to point A to get something and bring it back to point B. Nothing earth shattering usually happens. Sure, they will get attacked by zombies, but waht's new. And that's what most of this episode was about. There were a couple of character reveals like who Bob is willing to kill for a bottle and Michonne admits that she doesn't now why she's still looking for the Governor and decides to stop going out after him, but after that it was pretty boring, until the ending. Carol has become the Obi Wan to the new kids that are staying at the prison and it appears to have gotten to her head, but can't she be forgiven? I can.

Carol talks to Lizzie through a glass window and tells her they are out of food and need to go on a run. Lizzie tells her that she thinks a lot of people are going to die, but at least they come back. She's fascination with the idea that walkers come back as another type of person. She explains to Carol that when she grows up she'll be different than she is now and if you die and become a zombie , you've just changed like that. That's apocalypse logic I guess.

Rick is wrapping his hand up and getting ready to go out with Carol, but has a vision of how Carol killed Karen and David. He's revisiting the evidence from last week of the murders.

We all don't get to stay the same as we started.

Lizzie's logic makes sense now because Carol has changed into a cold blooded killer. Carol tries telling her that it's no so simple, but she is still pissed that Carol called her weak when she refused to kill her father. Carol tells her she has to be willing to kill to survive.

He follows the blood trail outside and then looks into a car where he finds a a cloth full of big knives in a set, but one is missing.

Carol asks Lizzie where her knife is and it's under her shirt. She tells her to keep outside of her clothes so she can reach it fast. Oh, and don't call me mom again! Carol was born to give post apocalyptic survival survival lessons.

Rick looks past the fence and has a realization.

Roll opening credits.

Tyreese is cleaning the blood out of his shirt in a stream as the others decide to head for a town. Because of their zombie encounter they are on foot and Ty tells Bob that since they lost the whole night his sister's probably dead.

Carol is defending her actions to Rick as they drive looking for food. She says they were the only ones sick and she tried to stop the virus from spreading. She was trying to save lives and she had to try. Rick is unconvinced.

Rick and Carol come upon a local neighbor of small houses and they find a car that's been recently cleaned in the last few days so they leave it.

Daryl finds a car hidden under son brush near a gas station and it needs a new battery. They decide to cut away some of the brush that's covering the service station to see what's what. Tyreese is still running on anger and adrenaline because he's manically chopping at the bushes and when some walkers jump out he's too messed up to let go of one of them and it almost bites his neck.

Rick and Carol enter a house to look for supplies and they find a couple (man and woman) upstairs offering them fruit. The man has a dislocated shoulder and Carol pops it back in. She's appalled to learn that they can't shoot and don't use knives to kill skin eaters. They are a sweet young pair and they ask them about their set up when Rick begins the Three question quiz to see if they are worthy of their shelter.

We call them walkers. How many have you killed?

Daryl and Bob go into the garage/service station while Michonne and Tyreese keep working on the brush. She tells him if he doesn't stop being so pissed off, it'll get him killed. Daryl realizes that the two zombies they killed actually committed suicide together and he thinks they're douches, but Bob doesn't. he sees a picture on the wall of a small family that looks so happy.

Rick reluctantly agrees to let the two young couple who had been begging to help and canvass the remaining houses at Carol's urging. He gives them his watch and some ammo to and tells them to meet back at this house in two hours.

Bob is bad luck man because he tells Daryl before he found him that his last two groups were all wiped out. He's carrying as lot of guilt for taking the bottle of booze which caused the shelf to crash and the walkers to kill Zach. Daryl says that he's part of this group now and will never be alone. They get a minivan to start and drive off.

Carol finally confronts and asks him why he he hasn't said a word about the two murders she committed.

Daryl and the others finally arrive at the veterinarian school and they hustle to find whatever they can bring back that might help. Bob spies what looks like a bottle next to some books.

Carol is clearly evolving as the post apocalyptic conscience of morality. You do what you have to do to survive every time. She's just 'fixed what needed fixing. ' She remembers how weak she was when she was with her abusive husband and she can't bare to mention her daughter Sophia's name, who was bitten and turned. Rick reminisces about his dead wife, Lori when they stumble upon the severed leg of the girl that was helping them canvas. The go back to the house and (Sam) hasn't shown up yet. Rick wants to wait and Carol espouses more of her newly found insights.

He may still be alive, but we gotta go. It was a nice watch though.

Michonne and Bob hit the mother load on antibiotics and Tyreese says he got everything on their list too. As they make their way out they get sandwiched in a room between two zombie groups, but they fight their way out and make it to a ledge on the second floor. Bob stumbles coming out the broken window and he nearly falls off, but his bag dnalges below and the zombies grab a hold of it. At first I thought it also had the much needed antibiotics in it and the gang grabs him up and yells at him to let go of the bag, but he doesn't and it lands next to them. Out pops a big bootle og booze and Daryly picks it up.

You got no meds in your bag, just this.

As Daryl begins to heave the bottle down, Bob touches his gun and says don't. Daryl almost pushes him off th eledge, but pledges to him that id he takes a drink before the infected people are helped, he'll beat him into the ground.

I didn't want to hurt nobody. It was just for when it gets quiet.

Did Bob get his other groups killed because of his lust for whiskey?

As Rick and Carol are loading up the car, Rick finally gets honest and tells her how he really feels.

They might have lived. It wasn't your decision to make.

He not only doesn't trust her anymore but he's banishing her out of the prison to start again someplace else and drops a bag to the ground. He turns the fully loaded car over to her and she drives away.

Daryl and his team head back towards the prison and Rick drives alone and in silence.

Sharon Van Etten's Serpents plays out the episode:

Everything is changing. Certain emblems, tells me it's time. Serpents in my mind. Looking for you. Crimes. Everything is changing I don't want mine. This time. Everything is changing

Everything has changed indeed.

* Rick tells Carol that she had no right to make the decision to kill David and Karen, but then he makes the decision to boot her out of the prison. Hypocrite much?

* Carol was pretty nasty to Lizzie about caller her 'mom', but when Rick was kicking her to the curb, she said she couldn't leave her girls alone.

* When the counsel finds out that Rick sent her packing they are going to be pissed at him.

* Although that young couple was cute, I didn't really trust Sam and he may not be dead. Did he sacrifice his love to survive?

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