[media id=9879] (h/t to Heather for all videos.) Who to believe? President Obama and some of the key Democrats are still strong on the public option
September 14, 2009

(h/t to Heather for all videos.)

Who to believe? President Obama and some of the key Democrats are still strong on the public option, but the Sunday morning bobbleheads were all lukewarm to the idea.

Chris Wallace to Clair McCaskill this morning: "As a practical matter, isn't the public option dead?"

"I don't know," she said, and proceeded to say that the most important thing was to make insurance affordable for the people worried about whether they could buy it.

I think what she really meant was, "Anything I can do to give the illusion of being warm and caring that doesn't upset my major contributors or my Blue Dog posse in the Senate."

Meanwhile, Queen Olympia says the public option is "off the table" and couldn't pass the Senate.

"It's not on the table. It won't be. We'll be using the co-op as an option at this point as the means for injecting competition in the process," said Snowe.

I don't remember voting for a queen!

And finally, Lindsey Graham tells Chris Wallace the public option "has been dead for a long time."

I think the public option is dead. It's probably been dead a long time because the public is very afraid.

I think one thing we can say if the deficit matters, which I'm glad to hear it does, and the public option is unacceptable, then the house bill is dead, we should just throw it in the garbage can, because it's $239 billion added to the deficit.

And you know, if they're going to try foist a piece of garbage on the general public and call it a public option, well, I have to agree with Lindsey!

As long as you all understand that if you take away the public option and still try to impose a mandate, that means war - class war.

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