June 27, 1993 - On Top Of Everything . . .Billboards In Space.

News of the week ending June 27, 1993 - Arrests in February World Trade Center Bombing, uptick in letter bombs to Universities. Super Collider project killed, SCOTUS rules on Haitian Boat People and discriminated workers and there is talk of Billboards In Space.

May 27, 1993 - Milosevic Then.

News of the day for May 27, 1993 - The World Court in The Hague hands down an indictment against Slobodan Milosevic on grounds of violations to Geneva Convention. Discovery is first Shuttle launch of the year. Air fare going down for Memorial Day weekend. An outbreak of Meningitis hits a Middle School in Aurora Colorado and Seagulls invade a small town in Utah.

January 6, 1993 - And Then There Was Bosnia.

News of the day for January 6, 1993 - hopes for ceasefire in Bosnia and a proposal put forth to make Sarajevo an Open City as fighting and shelling continue. President-elect Bill Clinton to be confirmed as President. Vetting process going on for Clinton appointees and Ross Perot is back in the picture.