Mike's Blog Roundup

Prometheus 6: This is pure evil and McCain will love it! FP Passport: Europe is Obama country The Cunning Realist: Growing Gills Threat Level: Anti

Mike's Blog Roundup

GOPnot4me: McCainocrats? Surely, not! Threat Level: McCain - I'd secretly spy on Americans, too. The Public Record: When Dick Cheney was CEO of Hall

Plagiarism Ben?

Ben is "Augustine," so that's cleared up. He apologizes for the Coretta Scott King "is a communist" remark next. It doesn't stop there for Box Turtle

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The Mahablog: This week I ’spect a whole lot of Americans finally reached the Snapping Point...and then read The Snapping Po

Bush Apologizes-Video

Bush Apologizes With his poll numbers dropping like a rock, President Bush apologized to the nation for the feds handling of Katrina. This is about

Shucking And Jiving And Hiding!

via AmericaBlog: I just heard this on ABC News. They're apparently holding the vote late tonight so they won't have to have a real roll-call vote (i.e

Michelle Malkin Stands Corrected

via Is That Legal: Nine months ago I pointed out to Michelle Malkin that she had defamed political scientist Peter Irons and researcher and former i