April Fool's Day

Who Won April Fool's Day?

Who Won April Fool's Day?

Funny April Fool's branding from Apple, Plated, and of course, ThinkGeek, whose $1,370,000.00 toaster is so collectible, you'll want two!

Occupy Toledo Holds 'Funeral' For Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Toledo members held a funeral Sunday afternoon saying that their stand against corporate greed, has died. They said the movement died of apathy; but not without a coy grin and several reminders that it was, in fact, April Fool's Day.

10 Republican Lies For Tax Day

The truth may set you free, but not if you're a Republican and the subject is taxes. After all, 95% of American families as promised received a tax

Open Thread

One of the best April Fool's Pranks ever, from last year. Open thread below.

Ghoul TV- "I Eat Brains"

This is not an April Fool's Day picture. Hannity and Colmes had this guy on talking about the autopsy.

Happy April Fools Day

from the American Street... FOOLED YA via Suburban Guerrilla Go check out Roxanne's tribute to Michelle Maklin. (You know, the twin sister.) If you c