Deadly Maruti Factory Riot Sounds Alarms For Industry

This Youtube video has good footage of the damage as a result of the July 18, 2012 riot at the Maruti Suzuki plant in India, but it is a continuous loop of the same images for over 6 minutes. Outsourcing to cheap foreign labor may have to

UAW Workers Strike Against GM

Obviously, it's not your father's solid manufacturing career anymore either...   BBC: United Auto Workers (UAW) union members at General Motors (

Bush Almost Blows Himself Up

Not for nothing, President Bush and Dick Cheney have to despise alternative energy. They made (and continue to make) fortunes from oil and must see t

Mike's Blog Roundup

Early Warning: More troops?!! Come on...remember when our frighteningly unbalanced president claimed he would be guided by the advice of his generals?

The Alito Autopsy

The Alito autopsy The Alito debacle was one of the most depressing and frustrating events to have to witness. Although one would love to move on and