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How to Speak "Tea Bagger" by Mark Fiore. (Sorry, video not embeddable here.) See more of Fiore's work on his website and/or YouTube channel

Pat Robertson/Charles

Usually Pat Robertson likes to do business with evil dictators, so why all the fuss about Chavez? It's all in the green. Here's the low down on Pat an

Judging the Bush gang by the company it keeps The Carpet Bagger Report: I heard from a friend of mine on the Hill that Claude Allen, a White House dom

Separation Of Church And State

The Carpet Bagger Report has some rude news for the Circus Clowns who want to have the Ten Commandments tattooed on our asses: ...these guys should

Sen. Pat Roberts

(Hat tip-Bill) The Senate Select Committee on Ethics is expected to end its investigation of alleged classified leaks by Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)